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Kitchen is frequently a magic place, the centre of family life, which should be the nicest, the most intimate and family oriented. That is why, while designing this place, we should see to it that it fulfils all criteria of cosiness. One kitchen will provide the comfort of cooking, because we prepare meals in it every day. Another will represent us duly, as a part of modernly designed living room. The kitchen reflects our flair for practicality and our dreams. It shows whether the family members love the past or prefer avant garde and playing with materials and forms. While arranging the house, and within it, the kitchen, we face certain decisions crucial for our further life. Should it be a separate room or maybe should it be connected with the living room? Will it be often visited by the whole family or sporadically by individual people? Its style will have an influence on the atmosphere and character of the whole house. Certain decisions, such as the choice of materials for the floor or for the walls are taken at the construction stage. Let us not leave them to chance. We should specify in advance which style we are trying to achieve. Advanced technology of modern kitchen design offers an unlimited range of possibilities. Let us keep a cool head and choose wisely. There is no style which could justify discomfort. Small or big, simple or stylish – our kitchen must fulfil our needs. Both those down to earth (e.g. the convenience of taking a pot off the cooker), and the higher ones, expressed through our dreams. Let us never forget our dreams.
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